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my buddy's being all QSECOFR

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If you want to look at the precursor to electron, and how it can be handled better.

Look at XULRunner, Firefox, and many of mozilla's apps. Look at XAML, Look at QT QML.

These integrated better into their expected environments despite using frameworks and tools, some of which EVEN USED FUCKING HTML.

watch my friend install IBM i... but in JAPANESE

warning: this will take forever

Unpopular opinion: OLPC was a scheme to embezzle UN funds into free software, with little concern for the children or a curriculum - just advancing the interests of an abstract "Linux desktop" ideal.

But only in Quebec. We just skip to January 3rd elsewhere in the country.

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Hi, I'm the Admin of this instance.

Registrations are not yet open, but will open soon.

#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #hardenedbsd #bsdnow

why can't the free software be original and come up with something that isn't Unix... or just learn from IBM this time? i is seriously cool, as I understand it

my friend sent me a dump of licensing on his POWER 520 Express; Node.js appeared in it

I guess IBM i is webscale now

> however, key point to be made:
> madoff had both a legit operation and a ponzi scheme
> the legit operation ran on an ass400 and VOS
> and the VOS end (iirc?) fed data to the ponzi ass400 for the ponzi ass400 to make fake dox with
> I forget all the details

If you run a scam on AS/400 and VOS, it turns out his friend is easy to please that way

from a friend:

> you know what my friend says about bernie madoff?
> "that man had some great taste in operating systems"

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also happy new year I guess

Make the last song you listen to before the year ends Darude - Sandstorm

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Deus Ex ending spoilers Show more

My new years tradition: replay Deus Ex