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Creamed Corn Magician

Have a great New Years' Eve, everyone!

You want to drink? Go right ahead. You want to get blasted? Fine, enjoy.

You want to do either of those and drive yourself home? Hell, no.

Driving drunk is premeditation. You decided to get behind the wheel. You decided to risk killing people.

Get a ride. Get a cab. Even hitch an Uber. Whatever.

The answer to "should I have someone drive me home?" is always "yes."

You want power, you want speed, the 700 series has what you need


PA-RISC has set the pace, Hewlett-Packard now leads the race

One of my favorite #apps moved to an expensive subscription model, shutting me out. 🙃

tired: JSON

wired: XML

hired: ASN.1

inspired: Mork

(FWIW, it's basically Hacker News, but without any VC navel gazing/sycophants or other non-tech related things; and a better community with better moderation)

Interested in I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.

It's only a modest proposal Show more

Upgraded the community I run's forum to latest Vanilla; upgrade seems to have went fine. When in doubt, push to prod!

":)" is the most obnoxiously passive-aggressive thing that exists :)

"We had ad-free social networking in 2004. It was called 'one of your friends got a Dreamhost and put some forum software on it and everyone hung out there.'"

"Galaksija" or Galaxy in Serbian, was a DIY computer from Yugoslavia, invented by Voja Antonić in 1983

It ran on a Zilog Z80 at 3Mhz and had 6K RAM and 8K ROM max. You built the whole thing, including the keyboard

Here's the complete listing from the Računari magazine (January, 1984) with the complete build instructions including the keyboard wiring (language is Serbian, I think)

And the ROM-a B instruction set

The Interactive Encyclopedia System

A browser and Emacs authoring tool from 1983 made by Ben Shneiderman at University of Maryland Human - Computer Interaction Lab

It was made for NeWS (Network extensible Window System) which was a windowing system made by Sun Microsystems

Here's some history behind it :

There are so many parallels to HTML. "Hypertext" as an idea certainly came to life here


Unpopular opinion: id never made a good game after the first two Dooms, which had a sense of atmosphere, charm, and fun, just tech demos, and even only to a point. Quake was a brown mess, Quake II was bland, UT99 shamed Quake III in fun and polish. Doom 3 wasn't fun without duct tape. Doom 2016 is just Serious Sam,

I've sworn off whiteboxes as a result of this charade - it's used businesses desktops that go off lease from this point on.