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Sleepy Doug-E Jones

Also more options:

* Resetting CMOS, nothing changes

* Installed a GPU (an HD6670) instead of IGP, nothing changes

The current board installed is a GA-B85M-D3V, previous board was an H81M-P33. (which I still have, but swapping is a PITA so I try to keep changing to a minimum when debugging) CPU is a G3220, and have tried a G3258.

PROTIP: When someone tells you building PCs is easy, they neglect to tell you what isn't is the fucking computer Kreminology that is consumer electronics debugging.

Lazyweb: I'm trying to debug this PC I've had for a while that just doesn't work. It was spontaneously rebooting for a while, then it just got to the point it reboots at firmware screens now.

* Removed disk, nothing changes

* Swapped PSU, nothing changes.

* Swapped CPU, nothing changes

* Swapped mobo, nothing changes

* Swapped RAM, nothing changes

* Removed mobo from case & started with a screwdriver, nothing changes

I've replaced the system, but I'd like to know why it doesn't work. Why?

Tired: Calling GIFs "JIFs"
Wired: Calling MPEG4 videos "GIFs"

My theory about Google Groups: they desperately want to kill it, but they don't want another Reader fiasco where everyone hates them for it.

So instead they just gradually make the product worse and worse; eventually once they finally do kill it everyone hates it so much that they're just relieved.

Looks like Vanilla 2.5 came out; will have to plan a migration for the community I just migrated to Vanilla...

Investigating I2P at the moment. For some reason it never popped up on my radar till now. Amazing it's in java. For once a project I could contribute to without breaking my stride.

I am always up to answering questions about #OpenBSD porting and packaging. And I guess software portability more generally. Just ask!

A more general question I suppose:

Are there public examples out there of MACs (Mandatory Access Control) like SELinux or AppArmor actually mitigating an attack against a system?


Hello from Mastodon 2.1 - I note that if you had issues on , even after running migrations, then:

* if you changed gem versions, restart the VM - yes, really, Bundler gets very confused without doing this

* rubygem-openssl in latest IS BROKEN - REMOVE IT, and it'll fall back to rubygem-openssl20 - see:

Uhhh, time for some unplanned downtime as I have to upgrade from 2.0 -> 2.1

As always, on in case

Unpopular opinion: distro hopping is silly beyond major families. You're changing wallpapers. Find a distro that's unique beyond default applications and stick to it.

why is trying to make me cook video game themed food

@jk do u know what i hate more than anything else in the world???? when people watch TV shows or movies or listen to music or podcasts or read books or comics

i'm glad you all like emoji btw, im not hatin' on emoji

what i AM hating on is hashtags though. theyre dumb & make u look like a birdsite SEO expert. they may be useful, but please also take into account that they make you look like a SEO guru. if thats what youre going for then well, keep on it, u talented hashtag SEO guru