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As an aside: I think Intel is terrified of Windows running on ARM.

This morning in my daily IACR & arXiv review run I posted to Twitter yet another SGX paper (YASP?)… I also read through it half way between laughter and tears as the “fix” for SGX side-channel attacks is to defend using TSX, the transactional extensions which Intel has often hinted it wanted to drop as nobody was using them…

(Birdsite link:

It is becoming harder and harder for me not to explode in multi-tweet rants about Intel’s architectural decisions and I find that…

The only thing I still use Google for is Voice. I don't carry a cell phone because I hate cell phones, so it comes in handy.

If I could find another viable online service for phone stuff, I'd leave them in a heart beat.

Useful C operators K&R never told you about:

* Sprong

* Tadpole

* Goes To/Approaches operators (-->/<--)

Ancient Rome’s System of Roads Visualized in the Style of Modern Subway Maps

The great #XMPP app #Conversations is now free on Google Play. Get it while it lasts 😀

Why? Because instant-messaging should be easy, private, decentralized, and future-proof.

It's another one of those political compass things; this one seems better designed though, with 16 values and multiple modifiers, making its assumptions clear, and makes neutrality clear.

One giant weakness of the Internet is how things can disappear on you. Sometimes, recollection isn't perfect, so things can even disappear without you noticing. Something tells me we are losing data almost as quickly as we are generating it. Hardly anyone keeps offline copies of anything, much less on a durable medium. On the one hand, that's how humans lived before writing was invented. On the other hand, writing is the basis of Western civilization. I'm somewhat worried.

rumour has it the body of @Elizafox is 10% premixed nootropic kool-aid

Advent of Code today is ugh. Part 1 was fine, but my Part 2 solution is broken and I have no idea why; asking others, they said it should have worked too? My only clue is an off-by-one issue in the part 2 traveller or the tree parser.

@vertigo Australia was originally connected to Usenet (and the internet) by mail. They would regularly mail over a magnetic tape containing the latest news and discussion threads.

this is my toy width. THIS IS MY REAL WIDTH.