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Creamed Corn Magician

running a debug and release build of the same program on part 2 of AoC, in the vain hope that compiler optimizations will save me from having to write an optimizing assembler

I dunno why people think "distributed" is magic pixie dust or can just fix society or something. It's suitable for a great deal of things (works great for Mastodon), but other things it has drawbacks or is even impractical because of the way humans are wired.

workout/fitness tapes, but set to Swans' "Filth"

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every day im pissed off and angry that im not an expert at everything

My daughter doesn't understand commercials at all. I make sure to get 0 ad versions of every service she wants to watch.

But I do wonder in what environment she'll build up her resistance to ads. Kids from my generation tended to acquire a resistance by their teens because we were hyper-saturated with highly manipulative ads.

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Honestly the debate that inevitably flares up in all standards between the ideal of the standard vs implementation reality reminds me a lot of grammatical prescriptivism vs. descriptivism.

Imagine if the Internet worked like PBS and not like CBS...

Okay, except no Antiques Roadshow. Unless you're into that shit.

@calvin So I just purchased Victoria I/II with all the DLC! 😃 👍

i want to remove all my RAM and run my computer entirely from the CPU's cache, giving it the capabilities of a mid-late 80s high-end desktop computer/workstation, except EXTREMELY fast

the exact invocation `tar xzvf` brings me back to reading Linux books when i was ~7

Gamer complaints today: Less than 60fps, weird shadows, physics not realistic enough. etc. It's Soooooo bad!! :straightface:

Let me tell you about fiddling with a cassette player to load Space Invaders on a Commodore VIC 20 as a kid. 😏

Gaming today is still better than the constant crashing (often taking the whole system) on win95/98 or loading himem in your config.sys for DOS games.

Yes it can be better and will get better. Just calm down, have some fun, and chill a bit. 😎