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Cowboy, seen twice

I can attach a 2 MB photo to a toot, but not a 200 kB ebook

am i the only person who actually likes GTK+
b/c i really like GTK+, and the GNOME apps, and the GTK3+ aesthetic

every time I see a potentially cool apache foundation project cross my radar i get excited right up until I see the first jar file.

get smart about CPUs with this, good overview of them plus some historical oddities

Tommy Wiseau doesn't even reach the level of puerile of a teenage boy. He writes like a fucking eight year old imagining what adulthood would be like, and it's chilling

Core M (or m3/i5/i7-Y nowadays) laptops with mechanical keyboards.

Boost if you agree.

Oh no, there is a new JS build tool

lazyweb: what's your preferred mail server setup docs on Unixoids for someone who's good at admin stuff (and thus doesn't need automagic things, esp if they clobber existing setups) but has no clue how mail works? an org's server needs mail (esp down the road for automated application mails) and I'm not paying for Office 365/Google Apps.

i think i like old (~mid-late 90s) 3D games because of nostalgia, but also because:

- limited polycount made them focus only on whats needed to sell the scene; locations often have a kinda relaxing simplicity to them, there's no extra details to think or worry about
- realism was impossible, so they used other artistic techniques to create immersion, like 'theatrical' area lighting design, vibrant/deep colors to indicate the time of day & unrealistic/drawn textures rather than photographic ones

tired: irssi, ircII, or weechat running in screen or tmux running on x86 Unix

wired: Comic Chat running on Windows NT Terminal Server for Alpha

#AoC2017 #FSharp day 5 optimization Show more

#AoC2017 #FSharp day 5 optimization Show more

#AoC2017 #FSharp solution (day5) Show more

#AoC2017 #FSharp solution Show more

on part 2 and 14M iterations in - others said to expect ~25M