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You decide to fire up mIRC for old times sake and discover you are actually chatting with your younger self.
#writingprompts #writing

despite its wide popularity, due to its monochrome graphics and inability to excite or inspire, the BUSINESS-32 has never had a thriving demoscene

I would love to see the actual course material they did with the teens at Xerox PARC with #smalltalk. Are these online? Asking for a child...

I absolutely love the UI design in Evangelion. It make sense considering how many digital interfacer there are in the movies to hire someone to make them slick. They are a character in and of themselves.

restore low-quality JPEG images by saving them as a dithered GIF

It certainly was a challenge, but dedicated porter miqlas made it happen: #Blender on Haiku! mastodon.xyz/media/Nvo0rfEC8II

oh lord, the Eric Andre S2 finale is insane

Horrific #FSharp solution to day 3 of #AoC2017 Show more

@staticsafe TBH, I feel like the lack of IPv6 rollout support is, like, 85% about making it harder for people to self host stuff.

jesus, day 3 of looks bloody difficult

I wish there was an dingus so I could jump to a buffer by fuzzy-searching for it - does this exist?

the advent of code drops at 1 AM and I am not wrecking my sleep schedule for it

Swans - Gucci Gang (Extended Mix) [16:20]

@enkiv2 @ajroach42 @uranther

If guys want to form a task force to develop a new gopher RFC on that note, I'm all for it.

gopher + DHT most interesting perhaps, would be a BEP, not RFC.
Or content-addressable gopher over IPFS.

I love Tim and Eric, so it's only logical that I love the Eric Andre show just a few episodes in - it's both more focused yet even more irreverent


"my code is ugly" is a stupid ass reason for not making it open source



just because it's not rivaling reading Shakespeare, we can still learn from your thingy