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One moment you're carrying a large bag of Christmas wrapping supplies down the stairs, then the next... mastodon.social/media/GMg3BpVM

I miss my original Palm Pilot. The greatest hand-held device ever made.

today What's Good is how the two engineers who designed the Commodore 64's VIC-II video chip chose 16 very specific colors that profoundly affected the aesthetics of the thousands of games produced for the C64 in the decades since. I sometimes wonder what their office looked like, what kind of music they were listening to. Every color choice is a moment in time, only a few echo for decades. mastodon.social/media/mJ_06eDZ

Unpopular opinion: Dark themes are a meme. F.lux/redshift/Night Shift/etc are more effective in stopping eye strain and improving sleep cycles, especially at night. A dark theme doesn't solve the underlying issues.

I use a light theme with F.lux cranked up to max nowadays.

TIL about the debian-security-support package: packages.debian.org/sid/debian

Great thing to have installed, but it's distressing to find out that it's not installed by default.

Welcome to : The proactively Canadian Unix-like operating system.

«The levitating businessman emoji was based on a Webdings character, which was based on the logo for a '70s ska punk record company mascot which was based on a photo of [Peter] Tosh.»


A TERRIBLE UGLY hack I wrote back in January, TURN BACK Show more

i'm very tempted to have two VS instances open and suffer the penalties

There is an MPEG standard that apparently provides turing-complete MPEG-4 audio. No implementations are known, but isn't this surprising by itself?

Got a Let's Encrypt email warning that the certificate for my mastodon server is about to expire in 20 days.

Turns out that acmetool failed to do the update in batch mode because I'm supposed to interactively confirm a Let's Encrypt TOS update first.

Excellent. So much for automated systems.

aliens disguise themselves as a lens flare

so corned beef comes in packets now?

Expectation: Internet can survive nuclear strike
Reality: cut a fibre and entire websites go dark for hours

Good afternoon #SDF and the wider and weirder(In a good way!) #fediverse!

Hope everyone is doing ok!

Today I wanted, just for fun, to get everyone's opinions on non-Unix systems(Except Windows, everyone already talks about their Windows opinions), like #FreeDOS , #RISCOS , #HAIKU and the like.

Do you use them seriously or are they mostly just toy OSes to you?

me, to a goose: dont you think 3:2 is the one true fuckin aspect ratio

goose: honk

Warm welcome to the lobste.rs invading mastodon & the fediverse today.