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Cowboy, seen twice

Warm welcome to the invading mastodon & the fediverse today.

Marble, the Neapolitan of cheese

fundraising telethon proposal: Livestream rms getting his beard shaved amongst other grooming options, every grey beard hair is more fuel for the Hurd fire

Apps have command prompts now - wish I could find some history on this for old GUIs that had this...

'The "Administrator" account is a temporary "feature" that will not be present in the final retail product.'
- release notes, Windows NT 3.1 beta, July 1992

For anyone who's looking for a CLI Mastodon backup/restore tool, @kensanata has written one:

I'm just getting started with it now.

tired: building a PC

wired: buying a used business desktop

(this comes out of me and my friends realizations whitebox PC building is easy, whitebox PC debugging is not)

One of the Reddit comments on my blog post: "I just realized that FOSS and privacy nuts are basically the vegans of tech enthusiasts." 🙃

in the culinary world, it is oft said that food is eaten first with the eyes.

when programming, your code is processed first with the eyes.

presentation matters.

now, back to the book I'm reading about one of the older shouty languages from before the lowercase enlightenment.

@technomancy Even better: Rent a VPS in Germany and build your binaries on it, now it's "Made In Germany"

so the stability problems might be RAID controller related; either load, dead battery, or dying disks?

A bunch of New Wave musicians talking about getting laid Show more

enjoy the diodes of your youth with this retro Diode Emulator, WinDiode which lets you use your modern Windows PC as a diode

just remember every time you wake up: we live in a world where Microsoft has rebranded MonoDevelop into Visual Studio

using monads, the competent haskell programmer can implement complex functionality such as, in this example, printing the user's name before they have even typed it into the computer

So BB10's browser sets the monospace font to a proportional sans serif