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Creamed Corn Magician

Some holiday fun in several versions of Print Shop

when i write C++ it's just regular C stuffed into static methods

This article is old, but it makes me wonder what a workflow oriented towards Unix tools like m4, Make, etc. would be like.

thanksgiving? you americans are awfully late!

hmmm, and in Gen1 VMs, Xorg just throws up a blank screen and locks the console completely

patches are a scheme invented by rival sysadmins to lower your uptimes, don't fall for it

awwwwww, works 99% perfectly in Gen2 VMs except for the mouse, so no Xorg shenanigans

how to explain federation in one sentence: "it makes many websites work like one website." there, simple, done. now you can focus on explaining why people want to use mastodon / what will make them feel at home / guiding to a preferred webspace beyond practical security concerns

an alternate timeline where curiosity saved the cat

The Isle of Man: The Ubuntu Economy

@calvin What gets my goat more is that the #gopher renaissance is borderline abusing it. Gopher is more like a cheaper and less convoluted one-way file transfer than a "primitive Web".

It's especially obnoxious seeing type-1 responses ("directories") with more informational lines than actual links.

Do these people not realize that hypertext really is a big deal? You can still serve HTM via gopher and do things right. "muh pleainteckst >:(" is more important to them.

I love , but these suggestions seem like gopher for the sake of gopher rather than its strengths

Installing #OpenBSD on 2 APUs which I will use as test access points during the upcoming #s2k17 hackathon

What timezone are you in? ('?' for list) [Canada/Mountain] *Enter*

@calvin Doesn't Medium rely on user-contributed free content, too?

They can just fuck right off with that shit.