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Creamed Corn Magician

YUP.... it's time for ILLUSTRATOR CS2

Shiny's goofy and stylish third person action game MDK is *FREE* on

Is there a GUI library that creates GUIs in a binary tree like i3 holds windows?

I used Gopher before WWW because the book that I read was too old.

still trying to decide on implementation details is.... annoying

Did you ever see the Windows 95 3D Maze screensaver and think to yourself, wow, I wish that was a real game based around international espionage?

Well, that dream is a reality, thanks to Screensaver Subterfuge, a free game made during PROCJAM 2017. #windows95 #cybre

Ars Technica article talking about it:

Itch io link:

(screen savers are not a requirement, ofc)

Dear Lazyweb: asking for a friend - is there an X11 screen locker nicer than XScreenSaver (or a good patchset for it?) that:

* has a UI (doesn't need to be fancy)

* doesn't snarf on Japanese

* is reasonable and secure?

"Netscape [2.0] is now approaching the level of complexity required to call itself a graphical user interface in its own right; a number of modern client-server applications exist on the web, using Netscape as a terminal to display their front end (while the back end runs on a web server somewhere). It appears that the new Java and plug-in capabilities are aimed at turning Netscape into something new -- a replacement for the existing operating systems that we work with."

hey you fucking nerds, if Linux is so good, how come every time I reboot my web server, it stops working, and every single time the cause is something different

103: Early Hints
206: Partial Content
409: Conflict
412: Precondition Failed
417: Expectation Failed
418: I'm a teapot
420: Enhance Your Calm
421: Misdirected Request
424: Failed Dependency
451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
530: Site is frozen

A 1950s film noir in HTTP status codes

god, I had too much chili and cornbread

worth it though

It's #retrocomputing time, and this time, I'm going to post one of my own retrocomputers.

Say hello to my #HP 200LX, one of my favorite #handheld #computers.

A basic rundown of the specs:

* 7.91 MHz Intel 80186
* CGA-compatible graphics
* 1-4 MiB RAM, 640k conventional, the remainder is a RAM disk (mine has 2 MiB)

#umpc #handhelds #computers #DOS