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It's #retrocomputing time, and this time, I'm going to post one of my own retrocomputers.

Say hello to my #HP 200LX, one of my favorite #handheld #computers.

A basic rundown of the specs:

* 7.91 MHz Intel 80186
* CGA-compatible graphics
* 1-4 MiB RAM, 640k conventional, the remainder is a RAM disk (mine has 2 MiB)


#umpc #handhelds #computers #DOS

snowing out, hope it doesn't get too bad

@mulander @lertsenem It's a whole GPU free diet. True gamers are content with nethack and rogue

@chris wow mastodon killed thread context when I uploaded that

Great Job!

TIL Adobe is the only vendor with applications that aren't browsers in the top-10 by CVE: cvedetails.com/top-50-products

On December 9, 2003 this technology was patented.[2]

Wait... MS could sue every Electron application out of existence


everything you do with computers was invented by Microsoft 20 years ago or IBM 40 years ago

looks like my downloads folder is so full Windows just sort of gave up trying to sort it :/

the best linux distro, is, objectively, hands down: Show more

Updated the Game Tourism page, a collection of info, links, and mods I've made for turning combat or horror games into exploration games: vectorpoem.com/tourism

ugh, people say first person shooters are making people into violent killers? try playing a few hours of Victoria and you'll end up thinking eating the Irish is a good idea and your economy can be sustained entirely by unequal treaties with China

The siege of Hamburg has ended; time to reach Berlin.

Looks like I'm the only country in the world making tanks too... time to take advantage of this.

Damn, this Victoria game is insane - I've spent at least 3 in-game years trying to win this war, and almost my entire army is committing to an invasion of northern Germanty. Foix, despite being neutral French ground, is home to a meat grinder of a battle, lasting years. The Royal Navy has destroyed every single Kriegsmarine ship, I'm just waiting for Germany to capitulate - likely when I hit Berlin. At least the Dutch have sued for a favourable peace agreement.