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Ticket Granting Ticket @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

found on IRC: Bitcoin's alternative name of "dunning-krügerrands"

one thing annoying about Bootstrap 4 is while I find the docs good, things like SO questions are mostly all BS3, which is mostly useless when working with layout.

I really hope the future is not voice controlled stuff. I know it will be a thing but hopefully not to the point where other interfaces disappear or appear idiosyncratic.

Feels a bit like phone geolocation. It could get painful to turn it off. And I don't generally want these things always on. Too much scope for bad guys. The security technology is not there yet.

RSS stands for Roped-off on Saturday and Sunday

Blast from the past: portable player ( AM-CL33) and rewritable disc - unfortunately, I lack a recording unit! cronk.stenoweb.net/media/C53_m

reasons gopher is good:
• text-based
• runs on junk
• fresh pine scent
• no ads
• no autoplaying video
• artisanal
• easy to set up
• no W3C politics
• extremely 90s
• like 20 people use this thing

That feeling when you come back to a side project and wonder if/how any of this ever worked at all.

admins get all their news in dreams delivered by Little Men from Another Place

From the 90s: sucking, even before they ruined UMPCs and the Linux Desktop conklinsystems.com/bourbon/pow

well, classic II, to be precise. I'M REALLY POSTING FROM A MAC CLASSIC II THO social.mecanis.me/media/HQ2oAe

There is an auction for the only #OpenBSD 6.2 cd-set to exist in the world!

Custom artwork hand drawn by Theo de Raadt.


Bid Early, Bid Often!

I completely forgot I've had znc running on my server for the past 5 months or so