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Ticket Granting Ticket @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

There is an auction for the only #OpenBSD 6.2 cd-set to exist in the world!

Custom artwork hand drawn by Theo de Raadt.


Bid Early, Bid Often!

I completely forgot I've had znc running on my server for the past 5 months or so

yup, time to spend Saturday forcing my empire on others in Victoria

This quote remains relevant to this day when asking for help bash.org/?152037

Went to the farmer's market, saw the usual food and crafts... and a big booth from the provincial geography authority promoting the website. I guess they must be trying to make GIS nerds out of people.

I have a few parts of a multi-part series sitting in Tiny... should read those sooner or later.

things that annoy me: squeezing the mustard bottle and getting the mustard delivered in the form of farts (NOT EVEN SHAKING BEFORE SERVING CAN SAVE YOU NOW)

Breaking this out from a thread... Show more

mastodon: where the only brands anybody talks to me about are fountain pens and archaic terminal devices 1965 - 1990.

"1966 #Univac 9000 Series disk cartridge prototype, 2.2 MB capacity. Considered too expensive at the time, the technology used to develop this ended up as Univac’s 8400-series disk pack, which held four platters in a large removable drop-in cartridge the size of a washing-basket – the first removable disk based storage system to reach market, in 1971."


really a shame frank zappa and ian anderson never collaborated

LB: The VAIO P was always... conflicting... for me.

On one hand, it was a #UMPC with a really neat form factor - ultra-wide screen, but usably-sized keyboard, and very, very small. And, it had a pointing stick, with three buttons as proper ones do.

On the other hand, the keyboard felt *atrocious*, Atom Z5xx was slow, Intel GMA 500 sucked, and Sony was very much on my shit-list for Sony BMG's music CD rootkit fuckery.

Also, the back pocket thing in that photo was completely ridiculous.