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Creamed Corn Magician

LB: The VAIO P was always... conflicting... for me.

On one hand, it was a #UMPC with a really neat form factor - ultra-wide screen, but usably-sized keyboard, and very, very small. And, it had a pointing stick, with three buttons as proper ones do.

On the other hand, the keyboard felt *atrocious*, Atom Z5xx was slow, Intel GMA 500 sucked, and Sony was very much on my shit-list for Sony BMG's music CD rootkit fuckery.

Also, the back pocket thing in that photo was completely ridiculous.

Okay, this is making me remember how much I miss the old Internet, of AIM and chatrooms and IRC and just--discovering each other in this bizarre haphazard magical way.

this bread is a NaN: not a naan

i deeply regret this toot

i'm waiting for when proper serif fonts make a comeback - when all marketing materials are written in Garamond again, I'll be happy

Compiling an old NFS userspace server for Reasons. So far I've mostly faught with autoconf.


There's a Stephen King short story where someone gets a call saying "can I have 10 minutes of your time?" and he says sure, and then the caller hangs up and he suddenly feels a bit older.

That's basically what email spam feels like to me. Phone vampires.

found on reddit, Sony Vaio C1 series (Picture Book) and Accessories, WANT

man, I love watching , even when the content has absolutely no relevance to my interests or market whatsoever

Sleep tight rare Windows 2000

Guess why this screen appears

Halp, Mastodon won't load on my computer? I'm running the latest Windows 2000...

I swear to you that my professor is lecturing about the movie hackers right now

he screamed hack the planet

Shrek (XBox) was released on this day in 2001!

Shrek was the first game to use a deferred rendering pipeline.

Deferred is now industry standard, but widespread use didn't roll out until a period between 2007-2011.

Shrek (2001) was a game a generation and a decade ahead of it's time.

Given the effect that deferred has had on industry visuals, Shrek may well be considered the most technologically groundbreaking game since .......... Wolfenstein 3D

is there a linux thing for uhhhk, where it lets you like, well. defrag your hard drive so that all the 0s go on one side, and all the 1's go on the other., thakns