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Someone from the mid 90s would be so confused by modern browsing.

"So webpages used to be a couple of KB, but now they're several MB and we use parallelism to speed up pageload"

"Oh wow. So you get lots more information?"

"'s mostly to centre elements"

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being into software preservation, i'm interested in #90s #warez #CDs (or other media, like tape backups), that were sold in the black market (etc) at that time, because they tend to have interesting stuff on them that since got lost to time (example: one tape backup had a build of NT "Cairo" on it!)

if anyone in the fediverse has any, and is willing to image them for me (or get them sent somewhere to image), kindly contact me :)

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I've said it before but it bears repeating: the use of ad-blockers generally DOESN'T reflect a desire to not see any ads at all. It reflects a desire to not see ABUSIVE ads.

Pop-up ads, ads that redirect our browser to other sites, ads that flash and dance and play audio and video, ads that cover the content: this is what we're trying to avoid.

You won't get us to turn off our blockers by complaining about revenue streams.

Promise us your ads are SAFE and we'll disable our blocker for you.

Two years ago, a group of developers released a #demo taking full advantage of this, 8088 MPH.

And by full advantage, I mean they got 1024 colors out of the thing, by basically abusing the hell out of text mode.


Technical description:

#demoscene #computers #hacking

@calvin I think there's meme potential here, writing in cursive using increasingly ridiculous pointing devices.

I just wrote in cursive using a trackball; would not recommend

Fun #retrocomputing fact of the day: The #Apple II, one of the first home #computers to have color video support, did not output color video. Show more

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Cleaning in the garage and decided to put the spare hardware to use.

I found my wife out in the garage using it the other day. She said "I like out here. It's quiet and nice and cozy".

expired: piano roll

tired: tracker-style pattern editor

wired: REPL where you can query, add, and modify notes using SQL

Tangentially related to LB, there's a Treehugger article today about what happens to old smartphones:

I decided to point out in the comments that you can realistically run a current generation iPhone, at least as far as performance and security updates goes, for 5 years - the best Android phones can only do 3 years (and for single-threaded perf, a 3 yo flagship Android is about as fast as a 5 yo iPhone.)