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I should be sleeping but I keep thinking of goats/ghost movie puns. Halp. :blobrofl:

part of the perceived coolness might be the analogy of computer : video display :: guitar : amp...
some cool-ass name like the Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7, early 80s 8-bit micro design sensibility but ridiculously capable, dangerous even, the only machine you'd ever need slung across your back as your roam the Sprawl. mastodon.social/media/C4DrlHZ7

Now, you will see me one more time if you do good. You will see me two more times if you do bad.

occasional brief-but-powerful bouts of nostalgia for the era of computers that lived beneath their built-in keyboards, needing only power and monitor ports.

that cool thing you saw on the internet three years ago is now a gizmodo story's broken link to a reddit thread whose wayback machine archive contains a broken link to an imgur page

@ajroach42 I'm thinking art installation to let people experience what it was like to use a BBS. Stick them in a bunch of different cafes and let people post messages in various boards, chat, and play door games.

Another optimization: you can now set the refresh rate on all UI cameras. ie: you can set a refresh rate of every 2 frames, and the character portraits in the HUD will only update every 2 frames. It also staggers it so that the rendering load isn't all on the same frames. Additionally, you can customize a resolution multiplier on these cameras. This will give a huge boost to computers without much vram

I think Boston Dynamics' business model is just to produce a gif of a random robot every few years

somebody at my work said "i heard RSS is coming back" as a joke

and i'm like

it is tho

"I think this is the proverbial OS/2 holy grail, a shipped copy of Microsoft OS/2 2.0" virtuallyfun.com/2017/11/13/un

check tiny tiny rss consistent for a day: no new articles

ignore tiny tiny rss the whole day: ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HAS NEW ARTICLES

I think if @Gargron wants people to adopt other instances, the onboarding process on joinmastodon.org needs a LOT more guidance beyond "here's a list of servers, good luck". Especially play up the shared-interest communities that instances can provide. Ask what people are into:

Make art? mastodon.art
Write? wandering.shop
LGBT? social.wxcafe.net
Well-moderated community? awoo.space
Furry? Holy shit take your pick.