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@Codeawayhaley Like many, my objection to GMO is the corporate profit-taking side of it, and the ridiculous IP restrictions around the genome of a given cultivar, not the health/safety of the end product.

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One group that still uses Google+ some is the more corporate side of the Linux development community; Google marketed it to them as early adoptors/influencers, and many of them stuck.

Probably there's public discussion that happened on there about technical descisions around but not directly affecting the Linux kernel, that's going to be lost unless the ArchiveTeam manages to save it.

accidentally a friend to all PPC processors

two new techmoan videos at once I don't have the time to watch them until tonight.... how cruel

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*slaps thinkpad* yeah, this bad boy is the ultimate super tux kart machine
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fuck this shit, i’m going to just start an IRCD SHELL company

the best part of waking up is having folgers NOT in your cup

all your friends wake up when you're tired

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Nostalgia vs reality update: Text adventures are all terrible

if i'm the rake, then who's the hoe?

citation needed? no one needs a mediocre chevy

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it's too bad that sharing the longer C&H stories (even the Sunday strips in the strip's final years) is a real pain, because I think those are even better than the one-off dailies that just happen to travel well memetically
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I was just excited because of Kerberos. I don't know what this means but it's clearly terrible

no bikeshed is worse than deciding what file extension to use for C++

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Dooping around DEC ALL-IN-1. Groupware for the 1980s! It's Very Business. Running on VMS 7.3 on a MicroVAX 3100-40 with a VT420 terminal

what the fuck. not only does X11 forwarding over SSH work out of the box on VMS, so does filesystem network transparency (to access the groupware partyzone; this X11 client is running on an Alpha, but the Notes/A1 stuff is running on a VAX)

NFS is a sham

jwz was wrong, DEC Notes could totally get you laid