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vim: there's more than one way to do it, i.e. the way you're doing it now, and the slightly more convenient way to do it that you'll discover by accident sometime in the next twenty years

oracle is a very expensive wrapper against Berkeley db, pass it on

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Thinking about starting a cult in college so that i have leadership experience to put on my resume

computers were a lot more fun back when they didn't control every aspect of our life, poorly

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mobile data contracts are the second most broken market right after flight booking.
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hot computing tip from cory:

If you have old PCs around you never upgraded to Windows 10, or you come across a machine on which you want to run Windows 10, but you don't want to pay for Windows 10 on that machine:

Just run it unlicensed.

For Reasons(TM) Microsoft is now very kind to Windows pirates. The only lost functionality is personalizing the unlock and desktop backgrounds.

All accessibility and security functionality is there.

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Other physical condition notes: TECT needs to be cleaned out very badly.

Thinking of an evening or weekend when I can take it down and clean it up. It's probably also time to re-apply thermal paste. I could install the first of the two E5640s I have. (It has one E5620 right now.)

CC @coryw

LMK if there's a good time if you use stenoweb services.

OK, fixed it

I had to restart the mastodon workers too

if this shit happens to you, tldr:

* shoot your redis DB
* restart mastodon workers
* run the feeds rebuild:
* maybe restart mastodon workers; rails is very fragile

testing 123, testing

redis corrupted the DB and I had to regenerate timelines

if your inbound post was dropped, I apologize for the inconvenience

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Which means now I need to do something nobody has ever done before (or at least not in the last 20 years): Write C callbacks that let me call stuff in Glide from Lisp.

is the plural of ELF (as in executable) elves?

never too fun waiting on others

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hey what unix do they use in south france? aix

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lazyweb: i'm trying to remember the name of this usenet (i think?) post that was basically a theoretical machine that abused every part of UB in the C standard to create some nightmare machine hostile to any attempts to actually program for it, but still technically possible by virtue of being able to fit the C model - something like destructatron or something like that?

wish I could turn on inspiration right now

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