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Illuminati Information Systems

slightly amusing fact: the capital of the confederacy is nowadays basically a suburb of DC

augh at the people who thought dragging tabs out of browser windows was a good idea

I've never triggered it on purpose, but I wonder where the hell my tab went every time; bonus points as some browsers delay the drag just a bit

wish the internet would stop leaking out into reality

or has reality become less than internet 🤔

love it when you have a file with control characters in the name

"I keep getting asked why I'm programming for a Sega Genesis system in Java, the reason is I'm hoping someone from Sega or Sun Microsystems finds this page and offers me a job."

installing Mankind Divided because I have that game now, it seems

seen on birbsite

POSIX should define an I_AM_AN_ADULT env var that turns off emojis and animations in shell commands

man, C++ FFI is insane

don't write public APIs in C++, people

I think of a quarter of my following list is 404ing instances/users

bundle xbox live with office 365, lunch time fragging is a team building exercise

florida sounds like hell, how could anyone live in that weather

I get overly emotional about typefaces

what I never got about reCaptcha:

if it's for training neural networks or whatever, then why do they already know the answers? 🤔

$ git blame 7e1fe62c~1 mono/metadata/w32process-unix-default.c
fatal: no such path mono/metadata/w32process-unix-default.c in 0▒@

oh cool, memory corruption in git