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protip: being outside in >30C weather = rapid dehydration

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Is it really a discord server when it's just all still discord

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tired ⊕ tired = tired
tired ⊕ wired = wired
wired ⊕ tired = wired
wired ⊕ wired = tired

Quand ISO-639 code pour Chiac?

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What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?


wtf history; rape and enslavement Show more

the joys of coming up with puns so niche only two people will get them

oh wow, jwz updated his "groupware bad" article with a big fucking warning

whenever I see people making apps that say something like "LinkedIn for ActivityPub" I go "yes, but why?"

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hey people of twitter who just crosspost to mastodon in an attempt to increase their audience: did you know you can interact with people on mastodon?? i know!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(but it's actually a piece of tape with words written on it with crayon, saying "ifdef jockey")

/me adjusts badge that says "SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER"

I believe I have conquered the hell of "doing pointer arith in a managed language"

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I'm 20 and I never had an energy drink. Have I even lived

the internet only has content when you're looking at it

instead of saying "bye" why not instead say "don't forget to like and subscribe"

betamovie, the first true camcorder

(I quite like this channel; it's very informative about things like A/V systems in a way that's engaging in an understated way; a more educational complement to techmoan, in a sense)

>the documentation neglects to mention that the struct with a union in it is also variable length

huge wtf

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@migratory I like to use git pull --rebase to do the latter. Most of the time I don't want merge commits.