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replacing "libstdc++-4.9.3-1" with "libstdcplusplus-6.3.0-1.aix6.1.ppc.rpm"? I can only forsee this going well

Arthur "Two Prefixes" Jackson here

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if the network gets large enough, we could conceivably ddos a site by merely sharing a link in a toot. this is not a good design

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been looking for a good monospace font and theyre all awful

don't go chasing waterfall, stick to the agile and scrum that you're used to

has DCC ever worked in the history of IRC

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what can you do with a 9-year old 2 GB pagefile.sys other than.. idk run `strings` on it

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it's not "cosmic rays," it's "free entropy"

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Alright, working build of modern mono on FreeBSD. Now, to get it to package...

love to rm -rf submodules and have to reacquire them

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mastodon is like if email worked like chat. no wait, if chat worked like message boards. no, message boards like email, wait..

tonight turned out pretty well; 2 months of basically last-minute panic, mostly resolved

one man's educated guess is another man's ass pull

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Given how often I see people say they lost data with Docker I am not convinced Docker won the container war because of "better tools".
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Over the years we've had many high-profile Twitter users join Mastodon, and most haven't stuck around (that I know of). I'm curious if it's the network effect being stronger for them, if it's a culture mismatch re: famousness, or something about Mastodon's features that's lacking for them.

remember palladium threads on Slashdot? they're back!