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fediverse allows groups that don't like each other to coexist on the same network by not having to cohabitate

@webinista @Are0h @gekitsu yeah, it's a pretty big "if"

there's other options, but they range from "buggy" (Wine) to "lots of overhead" (a VM) - probably undesirable for Serious Businessβ„’ unless you REALLY want year of the Linux desktop

that said, YOLD is the probably the most realistic it's ever been yet for people - Steam for Linux has been a huge boon if you play games, and from what I've heard, Adobe's not opposed to the idea...

@Are0h @webinista @gekitsu just curious, have you all tried the Windows Subsystem for Linux stuff? I hear it's been pretty good for people in your case (want industry standard apps and games that just works, but also a *nix) - I'm just wondering if it lives up to the hype for people who actually seriously use it.

of course, that's assuming you find Windows acceptable...

@thor it's the saltiest hive of dunning-kruger I've seen

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in the future, contracts will become sentient and overthrow their signing overlords

@kaniini techbro was a wrong word, really - think more "technolibertarians" left/right; the kind of guys who think "cypherpunk" is cool and not a hint you read too much wired in the 90s

@kaniini I enjoy the revisionism on their part, claiming they built the place

the techbros were here a long time before them - hell, the gators were here before them (and the left-techbros were complaining about *them*)

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@calvin @Elizafox

π—–π—›π—”π—‘π—šπ—˜ 𝗠𝗬 π— π—œπ—‘π——

that SQL query wasn't so hard

@kaniini it's not "arsenic poisoning," it's "building a resistance to arsenic powder"

@feld well, don't forget reimplementing Cocoa on top (aka blow the dust of GnuStep and)

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it turns out vaping is actually way more dangerous than actually smoking a cigarette, because cigarettes don't have arsenic and heavy metals.

of course, trying to tell the annoying jerk who is filling the room with vape this usually results in them telling people to fuck off and that they "do what they want."

darwin in action?

@Pasty yes, but it's the same future as world peace

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"8+ year old versions of MooTools conditionally define an incompatible version of Array.prototype.flatten... I am taking this opportunity to rename flatten to smoosh"πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@federicomena what if the test was always wrong?

@kensanata at least on my phone, BB Hub sorts new messages at the top of threads (as does Mail.appx on Windows 10)