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@kensanata at least on my phone, BB Hub sorts new messages at the top of threads (as does Mail.appx on Windows 10)

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srsly if you even slightly criticise the community here it will go fucking rant at you for ages because in the eyes of our average mastodon user, anything that's not twitter is automatically the best thing ever with no flaws

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@Elizafox more "the web is a document platform, you bastards!"

but that fight was lost decades ago, so I'll just continue to be bitter on the web

@Elizafox well, true in that WebASM has buy in - I just hate it on a moral level

@Elizafox NaCL was a transparent attempt at ActiveX Part 2 - WebAssembly isn't that much better...

> And Google is unilaterally dictating standards by abusing its market position

so much this - Google is ramming through standards to cause fatigue implementing them for people who aren't google, and for shit that is a security hazard waiting to happen and only good for ChromeOS (cough WebUSB)

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cats have no necks, their heads are attached directly to their torso 🤔

a CD player, but its components are arranged as a record player

silver side up, motor spinning, tone arm dropped down onto the grooves, laser stylus installed

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model railway 1/2 Show more I really like OpenBSD but poor virtualization (can't run Windows in it)

also no wine but that matters less if virt works

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MKBHD is better at explaining walled gardens than the whole FSF - and I'm very glad he did

@espectalll I like how this isn't some FSF screed that only serves to agitate those who agree with it, but gives a fairly nuanced (if brief) look into why people want in these garden, and the problems it creates in a practical, not philosophical way

the funny thing is, I had switched before, not because windows was bad (no, I liked Vista) but because it was interesting

then it got boring, and Windows 8.0 came out - somehow Windows 8 managed to be *faster* than my lightweight unix porn desktop on a Pentium D with software rendering - so I switched back to Windows (and learned to love the 8)

now windows 10 has no QA department and MS is sadder than it used to be, so i'm slightly disgruntled

I should probably give gnu/Linux a fair chance again

I mean, my HW 100% works, it's just a matter of I like it enough again

@tom not as severe as that gif - other things seem to work, it's just explorer - yet the start menu is unaffected!

@tom explorer just randomly shits the bed:

* context menus from explorer have no text at all

* thumbnail previews will start to crash apps

* bread crumbs bar flickers

restarting dwm, explorer, shell experience host, etc does nothing, you have to reboot

oh, FUCK me, Windows 10 1709 is suffering from the same fucking bug I was under 1607

I agree with @tom - last good Windows was 8.1