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this toot is not a witty toot itself, but the promise of a witty toot sometime in the future

you can redeem this toot check at the toot bank

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Here's a reminder that is pointing to cool stuff people are doing.

If you're tired of glue code, do something fundamental and help oriansj and janneke build the GNU of the future from a tiny, human-auditable binary core and then Source All The Way Down.

did your car spontaneously change terminal size on the road and stuck? sounds like a job for a SIGWINCH

exxon-valdez has nothing on a netburst pipeline spill

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all the pain of repairing things is made up for by the hour or so of extreme euphoria when it works

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🌶 take Show more

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"my sensibilities have been offended in a way that only a duel in halo 3 can resolve" — @calvin

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Now now, there's no need for such language

@katex @bhtooefr might also be doable with APIs; though I'm unsure if you'd have to invoke from the Win32 level, POSIX/Linux level, or the NT native level

Fun fact: Windows doesn't actually use just the extension to determine executability, it uses a permission on ACL

wallow in post-N900 sadness thread?

@Elizafox still got burned by the awful tooling

maybe i'll give it another shot when I get around to writing a Win32 client that Doesn't Suck™

crowdfunding to buy .exe TLD when

@meskarune hey, at least the trendiness makes it easier for people who actually do have problems with gluten