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@Elizafox * eliza|away has changed their nick to elizafox

@kaniini I enjoy the FSF approrach to software: embrace it, extend it, and them extinguish the competition

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Alexa is laughing at people, and now all the Oculus Rift headsets are broken because a certificate expired.

I'm moving from smug to outright pointing-and-laughing now.

βœ… Morose
βœ… Lugubrious

@phessler @kurtm mandatory secure boot would be a good idea IF and only IF they let you control the trusted keys

it's a great anti-rootkit mechanism as such

@saper @nikola @samis what if the accessibility reason is "your client is fucking garbage?" πŸ€”

tired: reading articles entirely

wired: reading only headlines

inspired: reading only slugs

ActivityPub and OStatus are just IRC with validation seeking mechanisms integrated πŸ€”

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Embrace, Extend, Extinguish is alive and well in the valley.

@kurtm @phessler all the ARM Windows 10 laptops were like that, UEFI+ACPI like a PC - the problem is if their secure boot policies allow controlling the keychain or disabling it

Windows RT tablets were the same, but they had a locked down secure boot policy.

@phessler if only openbsd and mono were playing better together, and I had aarch64 HW; otherwise i'd consider getting it working on aarch64!

did someone say stardew valley on a pinebook?

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So, Slack has decided to shutdown IRC and XMPP interfaces.

Looks like no more slack for me!

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This is why I hate productivity systems that help you "capture ideas".

Ideas are great but fuck ideas.

@webinista I mean, you're in LA - if the office is a kilometer away, that's a huge commute. almost an hour!

@kaniini whenever you reply to people, Mastodon seems to be slapping in preview embeds for mentions

a bit strange

@bhtooefr personally, my guilty pleasures are

* the classic mac os; the UI is so well thought out it persists to this day
* nextstep; a unix with an interesting parallel ecosystem that prevents it from being yet another boring commercial unix
* palm os *and* winCE; I really appreciate the pre-iPhone mobile devices for what they tried and the fledging ecosystem crippled by apathy and ineptitude on the platform holder part - havent been familar with symbian et al sadly

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Fediverse: what is your favorite retrocomputing platform?

(I'll define "retrocomputing" as "at least 20 years old" for these purposes.)