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@amdt yeah, that's basically what I've been saying for a while too

@amdt for those people org-mode is good enough, but rms has seen the shit possible on lisp machines in the 80s

to be honest, that colours my perceptions of what gnu's technical goals are, and the political motivations behind them

@amdt I think rms' position makes some sense when you approach it from the angle of lisp machines; rms wants Emacs as an island of a free clone of genera, whereas everyone else just wants an extensible IDE/mail client

@kaniini quite sad; I was considering Mastodon on it but that would *punish* it (unix syscalls are hideously expensive on PASE; that and rails hacking = ugh)

@kaniini well, if it runs on OS/400, have to have DB2/400 support with it, for maximum "fun:"

@kaniini /me considers dumping it on OS/400 )or some other fucked up thing) 🤔

@kaniini meanwhile mastodon is eating 1.27 (albeit including pg, redis, and FreeBSD itself) of a 4 GB VM, albeit not hitting CPU too hard

@kaniini still tempted to do my own frontend myself, if Pleroma can provide an inoffensive backend

I have grade-a Opinions on it

@kaniini thank god mastodon uses less than sharepoint VMs on this box

oh no I have an appointment tomorrow

@annika I was aware of Ubuntu for GNU/NT (or as I have taken to calling it, GNU+NT) but not shit like SLES on the MS Store

wait what, you can download Linux distros in Windows 10's store, for use by the Linux personality?

this is quaint and surreal

my body is a communion of tim and eric VHSRiPs

@Elizafox it ain't forging native american artifacts if you're native american! then it's just making modern native american artifacts!


>han unification
>ludicrous amounts of roman duplication better served by fonts
> undecoded languages

the sad part is Unicode is better than what we had before

nothing more HUH??? than a hungry cat