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David Byrne, 1983: "And our president's crazy, did you hear what he said?"

America, 2023: ???

David Byrne, 1978, "Hit me in the face, I run faster...."

Olympics, 2018: Usain Bolt caught in doping scandal that involved getting an uppercut to the jaw

David Byrne, 1985: "We are just good friends; I'm a television man...."

David Byrne, 2025: Caught cheating on his wife with Tom Verlaine, the guy from Television

David Byrne, 1977: "Every appointment has been moved to last week..."

Outlook 2017: New features for calendaring in Outlook allow you to not miss your appointments, unlike David Byrne.

David Byrne, 1978: "I don't have to prove that I am creative!"

Intellectual Property Law, 2018: You have proof that you're creative for about a century

David Byrne, 1980: "There is water, at the bottom of the ocean!"

Oceanographers from the bottom of the ocean, 2020: It turns out there's actually no water at the bottom of the ocean, it's just sand

(i'm going to keep forcing this meme until it becomes funny)

David Byrne, 1979: "I'll find myself a city to live in...."

Millenials, 2019: Still can't find a city to live in.


David Byrne, 1986: "Baby, your mind's a radio, got a receiver inside my head..."

The Cyberpunk Future, 2026: Picking up something good from the government-mandated radios implanted in our head.


David Byrne, 1979: "I know the animals are laughing at us!'

Mastodon, 2019: Still laughing at David Byrne.

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David Byrne, 1978: "I think of the people that are working for me"

America, 2018: "..." *shudder*

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David Byrne, 1978: "Some civil servants are just like my loved ones."

Mastodon, 2018: "ACAB"


David Byrne, 1980: "The hands of a government man..."

America, 2020: ???

David Byrne, 1978: "I hear girls are getting into abstract analysis..."

Girls, 2018: Use R to analyze abstract data.

god, I need some old WindowBlinds themes and a copy of WindowBlinds

I want the tacky and lavish themes of the 2000s I missed oout on

I loved Michael Gira in Mulholland Drive

@Elizafox Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation

probably not trashy like you expect, but p. good

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All superhero films are yawn fests