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Illuminati Information Systems

@SarcasmKid no, but the simpsons predicted you making this post

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unpopular but objectively correct opinion Show more

superpower that would come in handy: the ability to know what techmoan will post a week before it's uploaded

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@dosnostalgic ...I thought this was an Apple 2 game from the *very* early 80s?

@SarcasmKid take back your slav card wtf, where's the vodka

it's a slow night on fedi when the bot posts are adjacent

@webinista allegedly up north, we take curling seriously we? it's our official sport, but we don't talk about it much

@Elizafox if you mention Altaic, a bunch of linguistics will show up and get really angry

if you want them to start shedding blood, mention Nostratic

@djsundog @jk @impiaaa @er1n just tell everyone using non-latin scripts to just suck it up and deal with ASCII characters?

7 bits ought to be enough for everyone, right?

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@bhtooefr @djsundog @Elizafox "clueless?"

if you want to be more contemptful, "inept"

or if you want to sound like steve brule, just say dingus