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> the discredited hurd, which copies from the discredited mach (good thing it'll never ship anyways)

> a bunch of free software zealots who make design-by-committee hardware that no one wants to buy or use (good thing it'll never ship anyways)

I forsee this will end well

@kaniini it's not going to get any more normal from hereon

@Elizafox watermarks and "this page left intentionally blank"

you're a bureaucrat now


@enkiv2 and if you're going to reformat and actually organize it like a blog post, why not make it a blog post?

we all communicate in our own dialects, incomprehensible and reprehensible to outside the group

@Cybertrash @mulander excuse me, that's OFFICIALBRANDING (if you're going to fullwidth, fullwidth right)

it's a small internet after all!

@thor this is a take I can't let stand by

I love good stop motion; and I find bad stop motion to be charming in a way bad CGI isn't

@xor does le narwhale bacon at midnight XD

@iliana oh no, it's a beefy miracle!

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@Elizafox then about about the Minesweeper* face? 🤔

*in Italy, they are just a happy florist

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