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Illuminati Information Systems

solitaire.exe Windows 98 playing cards by Evan Roth (2012). Card faces by Susan Kare, beach scene card backs by Leslie Kooy.

@mike fn on far left corner is only valid option; Lenovo and Apple do it right

Why can't we still not boost a toot with a comment? That is such a needed feature..

@Elizafox it's surprisingly quaint, it's hilariously overkill, and it has the best self-hostable google docs alternative

careful, my friend has Opinions™ on SharePoint if you ask him

@Elizafox I unironically ran SharePoint at home for years, and now I just let my friend do it on his actual-enterprise HW

@Elizafox I mean, the instance says "For SharePoint Lovers"

@Elizafox I forgot XSLT, XPath, XSL, comments, attributes, and the angry old people who remember Symbolics that call it "a bad reimplementation of S-Expressions"

when i'm god-emperor, I'm replacing all the JSON with XML

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