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Illuminati Information Systems

someone needs to gline the supernets people from IRL next time I see their spambot

@enkiv2 buttcoin: where the proof of work is getting the hashes tattooed on your ass

here's a best practice for you:

don't pop garbage over the article text i'm trying to read on your website in the name of 'engagement'

i end up engaging with the close button

@enkiv2 their first album: spooky-ass castles and shit

yeah, but can you explain string cheese with string theory?

@calvin Yep, back then, every day, I:

* Recorded a video for my wife
* Set a MP3 alarm for her
* Hotsynced my e-mail
* Hotsynced high-res maps
* Hotsynced spreadsheets
* Hopped in a plane
* Jammed to MP3s in a light plane's cockpit
* E-mailed a drawing of rain clouds over Bluetooth, SMSed my wife to tell her I e-mailed her
* In response to her going into labor, zoomed in on a map of the hospital
* Jumped out of the plane, taking selfies on the way down
* Drug the parachute through the hospital

pretty sure this is how you were supposed to use a PDA in the 2000s

I have this little critter from the 1980s or 1990s. I don't remember if it was my dad or my uncle who got a pair of them for my brother and I.

@galaxis I *really* wanted a Pandora... a decade ago

I think my enthusiasm has been depressed for HW like this (that, and I bought an N800 instead, back when it was viable)

spoiler: they will; and I doubt other GNU/Linux on mobile people know better either; you're doomed to another freerunner based on the mistakes I see Purism making right now

tbh, I wonder if just pumping money into Replicant, F-Droid, and replacements for Google services might have been more sensible instead of yet another GNU/Boondoggle

disclaimer: sad N900 owner

@tinker @cypnk

> The focus needs to be on getting Project Managers and UI/UX folks into FOSS development as well.

and they will fight you on this; they see PMs as pointless bureaucracy and UX people as masturbators who wish to "dumb down" their things

A look at BTRON OS; if you don't speak Japanese, the tl;dr: is that it's a VERY document oriented OS; with pervasive templates, embedding, and documents integrated into the UX metaphors.

But TRON didn't stop there; it was part of a whole grand version, top to bottom with the full stack and every market segment; from CPUs to the OS and microcontrollers to mainframes. But that ambition didn't go far; and only ITRON took off in deep embedded like automotive.

@Elizafox I just used a drill between each end, another person, some cheap tape, long cable, and perseverance

when the cables kept falling through the floor when I detached them and friction wasn't enough to keep them sliding down, I made a boot out of wooden sticks and tapes affixed to the middle of the cable so it won't fall on the lower floor

...maybe transcribing that C into C# is a bad idea when it involves copious abuse of memset and ioctl

@clacke tbf, Make isn't entirely redundant until they have some kind of "dependency resolution" in the shell; where I can specify "Y is made of X, and if Y is newer than X, make a new Y" easily with a compact DSL