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@bcallah @canadianbryan @mulander @thfr (FWIW, some games that have Linux but *not* Steam versions when they have a Windows version on Steam often work if you give them - it'll load during runtime, and does everything proper.)

@thfr @mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah It's likely the same binary; but if it doesn't have SteamWrapper, it'll work fine and just not use Steamworks.

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Partly as an experiment and partly to keep the OpenBSD installation as cruft-free as possible (it's basically just the webserver and tor at this point), I tried to see how much of a dynamic site I can create. I may have been able to just use Perl or even more basic, Ksh, but I didn't want to go that route

Ended up adding PHP and had the choice of writing something in Vim or Nano. I thought Nano would be "easier", but staring into that black screen... it was awkward :(

@Elizafox btw we don't know how to merge, signal, or pass

we can't drive, really

@er1n How do you know when someone uses Arch Linux?

@Elizafox A New Brunswick dash cam video consists nothing but a Chrysler Intrepid with mismatched body panels tailgating a 2019 Ram 2500 Crew Cab Laramie

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Has anyone set up a malicious #Mastodon instance to test vulnerabilities in the protocols, handlers, renderers, etc?

@samis cores d00d

Also an excuse to strike into Russia further

@thfr @bcallah @canadianbryan @mulander it's not dead, they just haven't got out a stable release in a while! the new package management is quite nice!

@noelle i'm in that vague area between Asia and Europe, and I have horses, so?

Germoney is my ally and they're a super-swole country, but Russia has a bitter France, plus Spain and the Dutch as their allies. Britain is another one of Germany's allies, but since I'd be calling Germany into war, they're not a factor.

The Scramble for Africa is also distracting much of Europe.

Lazyweb: Should I get into a land war with Russia? Winter isn't simulated.

> You may be thinking “600MHz CPU?” - but that CPU is totally badass because it is actually a MIPS CPU with a 5 stage core pipeline.  Compared to a 20+ stage pipeline in Intel CPUs, it is roughly comparable to a 2.4GHz Intel CPU with just the pipeline alone.  Add in the fact that the MIPS CPU architecture doesn’t have any baggage in it’s high-performance pipeline, and the end result is that it performs far faster than that! 


@bcallah @thfr @canadianbryan @mulander

Interesting that cac is broken - the Haiku port I'm working on seems to have a functional csc (it didn't before) - but the runtime is still buggered.

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