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@kemonine ...not really. This is more UMPC as in shrunken down PC - the N800 was basically more like modern tablets, just smartphone size (think iPod touch as the closest modern equivalent) and the N900 an outright smartphone

@kemonine ...this isn't anything like an N800

source: own N800 and N900

stupid idea Show more

why can't the free software be original and come up with something that isn't Unix... or just learn from IBM this time? i is seriously cool, as I understand it

my friend sent me a dump of licensing on his POWER 520 Express; Node.js appeared in it

I guess IBM i is webscale now

> however, key point to be made:
> madoff had both a legit operation and a ponzi scheme
> the legit operation ran on an ass400 and VOS
> and the VOS end (iirc?) fed data to the ponzi ass400 for the ponzi ass400 to make fake dox with
> I forget all the details

If you run a scam on AS/400 and VOS, it turns out his friend is easy to please that way

from a friend:

> you know what my friend says about bernie madoff?
> "that man had some great taste in operating systems"

@awg OS/2 was technically inferior to NT.

The fun of PCs ended when they killed BeOS. (Too bad it's basically back though.)

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@Trev @Elizafox @er1n To be fair, you need a really high IQ to understand Toto...

@coryw yeah, could you help me identify that song?

@Elizafox primary knowledge: neutral human knowledge

secondary goal: jimbo's crypto-boating hobby

omega goal: make mediawiki less shitty

Make the last song you listen to before the year ends Darude - Sandstorm