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@thfr @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah FWIW, Mono also has tracing options for seeing what methods are called in real time; see mono --help

@thfr @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah I'm no Mono internals expert, but I believe what's happening is XML serialization is calling mcs; the question is why is it asking to compile an assembly? I would think it should be able to reflect inside the assembly. (Stupid guess: is the serializing thinking it can't find a class to make outside the assembly?)

That being said... what parameters is it passing to mcs? FWIW, mcs is a script to call mono mcs.exe, so make sure that's in working order, OFC.


@coryw followers only? you could also do a DM; maybe you can do that to lists? IDK

@thfr @bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan mcs is the pre-Roslyn Mono C# compiler; why would it want that?

@thfr @bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan when people ask why OpenBSD 6.3 isn't shipping, show them this toot, everyone's too busy working on Mono for the sake of their farm

Deus Ex ending spoilers Show more

My new years tradition: replay Deus Ex

@vfrmedia @coryw
19:56 < coryw> which has like datasheet templates and a copy of the Gill Sans font for the Octane
19:58 < coryw> to address the affordability issue: Whether or not this is true of HP in that particular era, SGI and Sun did have on-file $5000 workstation configs at various points, and it wouldn't surprise me if some showed up in university bookstores.

@coryw @vfrmedia
19:55 < coryw> Dealers did exist, to an extent, and would be sent stuff like this.
19:55 < coryw> I have an O2/Octane dealer prep CD, for example

@vfrmedia from @coryw: every UNIX workstation vendor did this shit, Much of it was internal cheerleading, esp. "Power of Suns" by the Suns and Noses.

Have a great New Years' Eve, everyone!

You want to drink? Go right ahead. You want to get blasted? Fine, enjoy.

You want to do either of those and drive yourself home? Hell, no.

Driving drunk is premeditation. You decided to get behind the wheel. You decided to risk killing people.

Get a ride. Get a cab. Even hitch an Uber. Whatever.

The answer to "should I have someone drive me home?" is always "yes."

You want power, you want speed, the 700 series has what you need


PA-RISC has set the pace, Hewlett-Packard now leads the race

One of my favorite #apps moved to an expensive subscription model, shutting me out. 🙃

@synaesthetica they make money, but IME, QA for the product isn't there, and there's so many larks they walk on that get abandoned with no word; it's an interesting model, but it's not all roses. in addition, it might not be so flat after all: people who left say it's a lot more cliquey than it is, and there's that idea that gaben has to approve in the end.