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Cowboy, seen twice

@er1n "it's C, but with a GC and coroutines (also, what are generics)"

also Plan 9 is just a cheap knockoff of Domain/OS

and Genera is cooler than Unix

@er1n Golang is basically Pike et al recycling Inferno (and bits of Plan 9's) programming toolchain, but for Millenials


Show me your favourite most beautifully ugly GUIs, From the clunky, to the bubbly and the weirdly overtextured.

Where’s the badass music player UI, the long forgotten Watched Too Much Hackers Linux desktop UI, the weird desktop buddies


the story behind the new default perceptual colormap for matplotlib is that MATLAB's new one, parula, is actually mathworks IP so they had to roll their own

@jk *inserty witty remark about state of linux GPU drivers*

@jk thanks for shooting bad memories of SiS back into me

i think later on, in about 2005, a different teacher gave me a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver, then i knew i was fuckin playin with power. playin with fire. dangerous amounts of power. i could probably do anything. heres some examples: you could make a gallery of your counter strike screenshots. semi-automatically!!! fucking hell

@Are0h I might pick it up during the Steam winter sale then.

My problems with Paradox's other games that weren't Victoria is that they felt too....abstract? They felt like pulling levers and rolling dice that never matched up with what happens. In Victoria, there's a grounding due to actual simulation of population with their needs, religions, etc.; by operating on them, I feel cause and effect, and that I'm doing something meaningful to a country and its people. It gives it a unique character.

Borland Turbo Pascal Toolbox 4.0 - GameWorks (DOS, 1987) Two floppies with full source code for games of Chess, Bridge, and Gomoku. Retail price: $99.95

@Are0h As a big Victoria 2 player who never got into their other games, I'd be curious. I heard Stellaris tried to toe the line between Alpha Centauri-like 4X vs. the usual Paradox grand strategy and did so poorly. I'd be curious to see what it's like in that regard.

I guess I won't have a cryptokitty after all 😿

@Miller_Geek @chr @oreolek DB indice corruption sounds like DB corruption to me?

Calling MySQL/MariaDB on the same level as Pg or MSSQL is something I can't take seriously from experience trying to write queries for MariaDB though. Ask a DBA smarter than me (like, all of them) and they'll likely give you the same answer.

@Miller_Geek @chr @oreolek MS SQL is a pretty good DB, you know? MySQL should have died with shared PHP hosting - its SQL implementation is quite sad to work in. I hear Pg is much nicer, but I've had the Pg DB for this mastodon server corrupt within the month I've been running it.

So I guess in my experience, the only DBs worth running at SQLite and MS SQL. (I've had it churn hard running SharePoint and it still keeps ticking even with power failures and heavy Lourdes.)

I can attach a 2 MB photo to a toot, but not a 200 kB ebook

@er1n KDE is like Emacs to me, I just can't do it

my solution is to run Windows though; and i3 on Unix. I respect Gnome 3 for not just slavishly copying Microsoft though.

am i the only person who actually likes GTK+
b/c i really like GTK+, and the GNOME apps, and the GTK3+ aesthetic

every time I see a potentially cool apache foundation project cross my radar i get excited right up until I see the first jar file.