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Cowboy, seen twice

@oceangrunge 40K is neckbeard bait

I've heard Warhammer Fantasy players are more well adjusted though

get smart about CPUs with this, good overview of them plus some historical oddities

Tommy Wiseau doesn't even reach the level of puerile of a teenage boy. He writes like a fucking eight year old imagining what adulthood would be like, and it's chilling

@Elizafox @troubleMoney correction, Talking Heads - Love → lp0 on Fire

[as written officially]

@Gargron send out the teeth of the AGPL, strongly worded letters backed by LAWYERS

@deutrino Node itself isn't that bad IMHO, it's when your dingus has 3 billion npm dependencies is the problem

@bhtooefr 2015-2016 Retina MacBook for best laptop keyboard

Core M (or m3/i5/i7-Y nowadays) laptops with mechanical keyboards.

Boost if you agree.

@kev that's what they did (and what I said) - I had mentioned they're working on backend pivoting now.

@kev elementary is working on retargeting their Geary (which is dead) based mail client to Evolution Data Server, so things will Just Work (even Exchange!)

Oh no, there is a new JS build tool

@mulander While I am the admin of the server, I don't actually own it, and I'm very uncertain they'd go for an OpenBSD switch.

I've got this bookmarked now though to xref.

@mulander the server is Debian based, so no idea how much I can crib. I used OpenSMTPd once before though instead of local sendmail for an experiment, and it was far saner.