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lazyweb: what's your preferred mail server setup docs on Unixoids for someone who's good at admin stuff (and thus doesn't need automagic things, esp if they clobber existing setups) but has no clue how mail works? an org's server needs mail (esp down the road for automated application mails) and I'm not paying for Office 365/Google Apps.

@jk I played the PC version of Metal Gear Solid, mainly for 1024x768 with proper texture filtering

i think i like old (~mid-late 90s) 3D games because of nostalgia, but also because:

- limited polycount made them focus only on whats needed to sell the scene; locations often have a kinda relaxing simplicity to them, there's no extra details to think or worry about
- realism was impossible, so they used other artistic techniques to create immersion, like 'theatrical' area lighting design, vibrant/deep colors to indicate the time of day & unrealistic/drawn textures rather than photographic ones

tired: irssi, ircII, or weechat running in screen or tmux running on x86 Unix

wired: Comic Chat running on Windows NT Terminal Server for Alpha

@Inskora @jk an XML of water:


@cypnk so many of these old 80s/90s portable dinguses like this, the Model 100, and AlphaSmarts don't have a hinge and MY NECK HATES IT

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#AoC2017 #FSharp day 5 optimization Show more

@cypnk @davidpgil @jk to add, might as well add other stuff that fits - the Cat's UI metaphors by way of Raskin were basically word processing über alles, but it could do other stuff like spreadsheets embedded and run Forth. I'd like a tiny little eInk laptop, even if it was an SSH client made flesh.

@cypnk @davidpgil @jk there were dedicated word processing systems, but there's also a modern take: the Freewrite (used to be Hemingwrite) getfreewrite.com/

@XenosNS [Galen Weston looks at you with *those* eyes]

@Are0h what's your prons/cons (or whatever comparison) between them?

one of my friends is in the "REAL MEN EAT GLASS" faction of gitweb users; the others use BitBucket's hosted option or gitea. if I do it, since I'm likely provisioning a Windows domain environment next time I ream my server, Team Foundation Server is likely.

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on part 2 and 14M iterations in - others said to expect ~25M