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Creamed Corn Magician

Part 2 is a quick change but UGH IT"S GONNA BE A WHILE

apparently it runs for like ~350K cycles? this is gonna take a while because the printfn is slowing me down

I think I have day 5 part 1 but it's just kinda stuck in an infite loop?? this requires more debugging

Weird nostalgic appeal:
I love seeing a tilde ~ on homepage URLs

For some reason, having the /home dir visible in some form like this felt like the user there was welcome home. More personal

@architect except literally everyone else who learned to use a browser and software consistent with CUA binds and has never touched Emacs or readline in their lives.

I myself just keep the muscle memory separately.

@architect old CUA/Mac shit from '84. They could care less what Emacs and readline assigned their binds.

@ajroach42 SharePoint and Office Web Apps. I am not fucking with you; it really works, it's an older version of the OneDrive web apps, but it's self-hosted. I've got the 2013 versions of each on the same server coming from the toot. (2016 OWA might have brought it up to newer parity IIRC?)

I've tried the various ones for Own/NextCloud and they're all horribly janky, poor formatting, and excruciating to set up.

acme is like emacs lite but with your mouse

Shoutout to all of the plan9 users I just sent into a blind rage

Thanks to @jk for pulling this up

The "Canon Cat" was a dedicated writing machine/word processor designed by Jeff Raskin for Canon Inc. in 1987. It originally sold for around $1500 and came with a Motorola 68000 running at 5 MHz and 256Kb RAM

There was one 3.5" floppy (256K max) drive to the left of the screen

These model photos scanned by Marcin Wichary

Real on-screen text sample by Flickr user "MJM1977"

More hardware info available at:


@jk I think this is the font design of the "Canon Cat" (no, seriously) designed by Jeff Raskin

It was designed for Canon by Raskin and sold back in 1987. Basically, it's a dedicated writing machine

There's more info about it here:

loooooove too watch openbsd reorder libraries for like 90s every boot

Me: "Hmmm, this new language / framework looks interesting ..."

Hello World Tutorial: "It's super simple. All you need is Java, Node.js, bower, gulp, cmake, ant, Python, Docker and 359 other dependencies. It rocks! Woohoo! So simple!"

Me: "I don't like programming anymore."

@deutrino @deejoe @lain what really gets me going is discord "server"

it's an SaaS tenant, and enterpriseworld knows, but gamers? nah, IT'S A DEDICATED SERVER

A website I have loved just announced that it is shutting down its forum, and moving the discussion to #Facebook. Sigh.

Well, I guess that's the end of my relationship with that site.

@phessler Rust Evangelism Strike Force... strikes?