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So, there's a Chinese botnet package known as "Destroyer" (破坏者).

It, ironically, can itself be destroyed, thanks to a stack buffer overflow.

I wasn't able to get full RCE, but a jump to "call ExitProcess" should be enough, no? It can be triggered directly after "start DDoS", for even more lulz.

Here's the exploit:

And here's a bot sample hash: b17535de8061dce3d6630e92d601ebe1ebac44ed52b3a04a8bb72f6661f23d44

Let's #destroythedestroyer :)

#infosec #botnet #exploit

@annika Travelling Salesman problem, but with rand() calls sprinkled throughout

@annika Is this an eBay GSP dingus? I've had things from the north east have to go to their facility in Kentucky then take a scenic route through Canada to get to me, when you'd think it'd be easier to just go through Maine.

But logistics, eh?

The important thing that, like it's "predecessors," it's content first, and without the style, the page is still workable.

Content before presentation, and you won't need a new web.

Something to consider on the :

Keep It simple and the web is within comprehension.

I will say the difficulty curve on seems to be off IMHO - day 1 and 2 were easy, day 3 was a gut punch to anyone trying to be clever, and now day 4 is pretty simple to be stylish with

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You decide to fire up mIRC for old times sake and discover you are actually chatting with your younger self.
#writingprompts #writing

@er1n nothing stops you from modifying the SW or using non-masto and be a secretly malicious user tho?

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AoC2017 Day 3 spoilers Show more

despite its wide popularity, due to its monochrome graphics and inability to excite or inspire, the BUSINESS-32 has never had a thriving demoscene

I would love to see the actual course material they did with the teens at Xerox PARC with #smalltalk. Are these online? Asking for a child...

I absolutely love the UI design in Evangelion. It make sense considering how many digital interfacer there are in the movies to hire someone to make them slick. They are a character in and of themselves.

restore low-quality JPEG images by saving them as a dithered GIF

It certainly was a challenge, but dedicated porter miqlas made it happen: #Blender on Haiku!

oh lord, the Eric Andre S2 finale is insane