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If guys want to form a task force to develop a new gopher RFC on that note, I'm all for it.

gopher + DHT most interesting perhaps, would be a BEP, not RFC.
Or content-addressable gopher over IPFS.

@deutrino I've only used it briefly, but IIRC Wacom stuff just worked for me? Probably a bit too rich though...

I love Tim and Eric, so it's only logical that I love the Eric Andre show just a few episodes in - it's both more focused yet even more irreverent


"my code is ugly" is a stupid ass reason for not making it open source



just because it's not rivaling reading Shakespeare, we can still learn from your thingy


The FOSS-only people remind me of vegans. Plenty are respectful. Other ones get in your face to tell you how much of a piece of shit you are.

Did I just learn monads by accident?

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@arcans it CAN work but it's such a PITA it's not even worth it

@uranther expect federation to be poor until a large social network is established. discovery will be entirely via you looking for people to follow, not FTL based.

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TIL: Seq.pairwise is REALLY handy for AoC2017 day 1...

my crowning achievement for the day: wrote a 1655 character, 190 word commit message for a one line change.


Deleting dead source code is very satisfying.

@XenosNS put some chicken bones in it and it's a meal!

@XenosNS nah, but you've got some for dulse donairs