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NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

@angristan hey, someone else who wrote a music player!

so corned beef comes in packets now?

Expectation: Internet can survive nuclear strike
Reality: cut a fibre and entire websites go dark for hours

@deutrino in the Windows 9x case though, it was because there WAS no local authentication - there was an option for a primitive kind that'd swap profiles, but otherwise, authentication was only for network resources. There's no local security.

There's a similar GIF for NT, but in that case it's outright privilege escalation because 1. NT is multiuser/secure 2. You spawn EXPLORER.EXE as *NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM* - above Administrator. (The joys of shelling out in random stuff, at login...)

Good afternoon #SDF and the wider and weirder(In a good way!) #fediverse!

Hope everyone is doing ok!

Today I wanted, just for fun, to get everyone's opinions on non-Unix systems(Except Windows, everyone already talks about their Windows opinions), like #FreeDOS , #RISCOS , #HAIKU and the like.

Do you use them seriously or are they mostly just toy OSes to you?

me, to a goose: dont you think 3:2 is the one true fuckin aspect ratio

goose: honk

Warm welcome to the lobste.rs invading mastodon & the fediverse today.

why would anybody pay to read a medium post

Marble, the Neapolitan of cheese

@stsp is it true Theo's fursona is a rat?

fundraising telethon proposal: Livestream rms getting his beard shaved amongst other grooming options, every grey beard hair is more fuel for the Hurd fire

@Are0h are you just looking at GitLab, or you willing to consider others? if so, here's some more

* Gitea, a fork of Gogs that's more actively developed, UI more like GitHub

* you can get a self-hostable version of Bitbucket IIRC, I use hosted one for a project and it's OK despite weird UI

* Team Foundation Server, with nice VS integration; have used, actually liked

* gitweb, for REAL MEN who EAT GLASS (use if you use git cli for VCS, and just want a repo viewer/use something else for bugs)

Apps have command prompts now - wish I could find some history on this for old GUIs that had this... lobste.rs/s/owpby5/apps_have_c

'The "Administrator" account is a temporary "feature" that will not be present in the final retail product.'
- release notes, Windows NT 3.1 beta, July 1992

For anyone who's looking for a CLI Mastodon backup/restore tool, @kensanata has written one:



I'm just getting started with it now.

@Gargron they see you're working on it; you only owe them that IMHO. don't ship a broken product for the sake of shipping