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@tim @bhtooefr so it "works" in Netscape 4, but only "Quattro Pro" - WP/Presentation won't

@bhtooefr @tim and it crashes netscape 3, totes contemporary. fun!

@bhtooefr @tim on the upshot it explicitly supports the OS/2 JVM, so....

I'll try Netscape's next, I guess

@bhtooefr @tim turns out none of them seem to even run on the MS JVM; they load but do nothing

"write once, run everywhere" my arse

@bhtooefr @tim One thing I'm trying to preserve self-hostable web apps of Web 2.0 (and 0.x/1.x)

@pony Put a Hapsburg in charge of the EU and we won't just have K.u.K., but the HRE

@tim I remember a lot of old Web 2.0 software that doesn't exist anymore - remember YouOS?

@pony Slovakia's begging for a Czech anschluß... I mean peaceful reunification between the two fraternal countries

@Are0h nginx has less moving parts than apache, which is good for security to.

Caddy from what I've read is set up so config is automatic as possible - Let's Encrypt is just one line IIRC. A bit too magical for me though.

HAProxy I use, mostly because its reverse proxy capabilities are pretty robust - (ab)using SNI to dispatch is very handy, and not picky! They claim there's never been a crash in prod.

OpenBSD's relayd/httpd I assume has extremely high quality code & docs - will give a shot!

@Are0h it's nowadays the Industry Standard in both "stick it front of your app server" & "cache small files" - nowadays, there are alternatives - IIS & Apache still exist and tbh they aren't bad, but there's new options too. HAProxy focuses purely on reverse proxying performance&reliability, caddy focuses on ease of deployment, and OpenBSD's relayd/httpd focus on security&simplicity. Of them I can recommend HAProxy if that's what you need; no experience with httpd (I should tho!) or caddy.

Crackin open some boys with the Cold Ones

when you get your friends to sign into their AD accounts for the love of

@Are0h My fear is people like her will get burnt out once they get hit by the soul crushing reality of working for business, not pleasure.

I'm in a similar situation to her; though I've recently done enrollment into higher education of some kind (likely CC) instead of not actually not doing it; mainly for employability, and perhaps networking.