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let's see how horribly corrupt the database has become after what looks to be disk corruption


slow day on the fediverse, people must be out having fun on a Friday night instead of talking to other nerds

I'm currently writing this from an #OpenBSD hosted instance. woot!

(not open to the public!)

@gamehawk I see the tiger, but where's the six year old?

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"They don't seem to see the difference between working... and not working!"


legit interesting: "
My 4th Great Uncle, with the Grenadier Guards in the Crimean War, c1855. Drawn by a field cartographer (717x918)" redd.it/7f9h9g

@nev @vfrmedia You do NOT want to mess with a moose if it is even mildly ill-disposed toward you. A friend of mine (a professional forester) nearly got trampled one day out in the bush.
One time one of my kids was walking home to Telkwa from Smithers on the highway and a moose gave chase to him; he was terrified. We've all heard of things like this:
I'd always rather meet a bear than a moose in the bush.

@TrollDecker I mean, those are actually pretty damn cool too

looks like I need to watch the Eric Andre show somehow

Okay so some of the stuff I've seen on here, like Minitel or gopher or tilde (medium.com/message/tilde-club-), it feels like steampunk, but for the 1990s instead of the 1890s

What to call it?


so I was just told to run "RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:feeds:build" to rebuild the home timelime after rm'ing your Redis DB, won't do it because I got my fill reading of what recovered from my FTL

source: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Now, to get reintegrated into the fediverse again

OK, here's how to survive keeling over and dying on you, nothing that you will destroy the HTL as a result:

# rm /var/db/redis/dump.rdb
# service redis restart

Just to be sure, restart all Mastodon daemons; though you might be able to get away with workers and streams only

# service nginx restart
# service mastodon_web restart
# service mastodon_workers restart
# service mastodon_streams restart