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Cowboy, seen twice

OK, here's how to survive keeling over and dying on you, nothing that you will destroy the HTL as a result:

# rm /var/db/redis/dump.rdb
# service redis restart

Just to be sure, restart all Mastodon daemons; though you might be able to get away with workers and streams only

# service nginx restart
# service mastodon_web restart
# service mastodon_workers restart
# service mastodon_streams restart

@lurak yeah, it's Hyper-V, but masto is running on FreeBSD

seems to be redis' fault, though; after purging the DB and restarting redis and then restarting mastodon daemons it's working again

@bhtooefr yes, restarting workers after restarting redis seems to have done it

I also see new toots after I purged the redis DB

OK, refresh, and public timeline evaporates


@bhtooefr reply on IRC if this works... looks fucky to me

so having to murderize your corrupt Redis DB doesn't do anything other than destroy the home timeline; and while redis was unconscious, I couldn't get toots from after it died

@Gargron Have you considered a public audit log (or at least the option?) Sites like have it and it seems to be a good feature for moderator transparency if desired in a community.

@DatTux I have worked with GTK, though I haven't done that - it's definitely possible though.

Some holiday fun in several versions of Print Shop

@samis it's usually worth getting Victoria Complete for that reason.

that said, the DLC is essential unless you want an unpatched game

@er1n Indo-European, but CHOPPED AND SCREWED

when i write C++ it's just regular C stuffed into static methods