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@lain looks like another victim of industrial disease

@Elizafox people who live in a society versus we live in a society

@Elizafox if i had a kid, discord is grounds for grounding, this is a GNU/Household

@Elizafox every lake in the world now sponsored by intel

@sn meanwhile, frank booth builds his house out of cans of PBR

@diodelass true, but the aggregators were fighting back against trillian and pidgin BITD too; it just seems like there's no activity to try and say, get Discord or Slack into these apps

maybe Matrix bridges might make it better, but Matrix has uh, fundamental scaling problems

@bhtooefr that, and i wonder if the makeup of devs is different to what it was in say, 2003

why is no one trying to unify chat protocols into a single application anymore, like the Good Ol' Days of gaim/pidgin? i have too many

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Linux police vow “OOM killer will be caught”

@luciferMysticus if you're insane, you could do cronk

tired: byte endianness

wired: nibble endianness

inspired: bit endianness

@lain convinced nowadays thinkpads are poor man's let's note

@Elizafox welcome to the plateau, where decade old hardware is officially "good enough"

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linux trash, windows trash, mac os thrash. last good os was beos.