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NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

Whenever a new generation discovers Markov chaining it's always mildly annoying but also kinda like "yes a piece of knowledge is being passed on!"

if Captain Morgan conquered the Ottoman Empire, would he be the Sultan of Rum? 🤔

at least my test case is smaller 🤔

know the difference:

satire: some centaur dude

satyr: french author

sartre: hahaha it's just a joke lighten up

Does anyone:
* know about the old Microsoft interlink (interlnk/intersrv) protocol in detail,
* have a copy of interlnk/intersrv.exe,
* have a backup of the defunct ftp.microsoft.com ftp site, or
* have an archive of Dr. Dobb's Journal covering 1996?

Asking for a friend who is me
#retrocomputing #interlink


>Reservoir Dogs set in Feudal Japan

that ain't a half bad ide....

> With Chewbacca as the love interest

@Ricardus think hed still be waiting for the Haskell dependencies to install

@Ricardus File-Export

or you could use the Windows PDF printing dingus

but that's probably expecting too much

@Ricardus I mean, Word's had PDF printing built-in for a decade now?

psql is the best Mastodon search tool, for sure

@Sonstwer it's not even real Edge; it's just Yet Another WebView Wrapper

@mdfrg @Gargron no, but PGP means you lose perfect forward secrecy

it's a trade-off, but a big one