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a while ago i bought a book about interior design published in the mid-late 80s. this is one of the pages in it

@pony so like those people with flat power rates mining bitcoin then

@pony ok, well, it sucks CPU cycles and RAM

@amdt honestly my X230T's KB is as good as my X201 except for the fact i sometimes mix spacebar and the first letter of a new word up

@pony the tragedy of open source IM: it all sucks

@Elizafox @kaniini so was the driver or the passengers watching it

cursed objects for unix: ld -lcurses

@Spacedrake there wouldn't be an inland empire without cheese though, so i guess cheese is the true king

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mood: throw cmake into the sun

Linux and usability for the average person Show more

Linux and usability for the average person Show more

@webinista i've tempted to go back to linux on the desktop again after a long hiatus, you positng this article in the middle of contemplation certainly is encouraging

all found pictures gain a context eventually

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