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CEO of Contoso

@jk 99 tracks all 30 seconds long each

the end result is "post-grindcore"

@jk there better be a 100 songs on that album!

Does Candlejack place EOF in messag

@bhtooefr > (I'm wondering about netbooting an 8085-based SBC, you see.)

what scheme is this, now

Teenage weeaboo me would have died for this. Japanese Windows XP SP3, Panasonic Let's Note CF-R6, watercolor theme, inexperience icons and stuff. Tiny 920g 10" machine with a 1.06 GHz C2D. Passive cooling!

all RSS feeds update on a "when you don't look at them for a while" schedule

do you ever give your kitty a big hug and your kitty is like "i hate u"

order a TÄÄRGUS over the phone now, for only 900 payments of 20 dollars!


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@karen amaroq or tootdon, basically, and tootdon was caught doing Bad Things

@Elizafox this is why americans won't switch to Celsius

@Elizafox @maloki as the old Soviet saying goes, "In Pravda, there is no news..."