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Cowboy, seen twice

@Elizafox tfw buns come in 12 but hot dogs come in 9

@tabkatta is literally just a hivemind of cats

laughing and imagining a series of glowing rings spreading out from the city center and eventually vaporizing everybody in town but leaving the buildings intact etc

C shell is better left on beaches than in your $PATH

i don't think these people understand how copyright licensing works:

there is no GPLv2 vulnerability, that GPLv3 made it explicit is only for the benefit of civil law countries. under common law, universal copyright licenses are irrevocable except under specific conditions. this is why licenses are the way they are.

@Elizafox some fluids you can never really Febreze out though

I always liked Michael Gira's cameo in Mulholland Drive

TMI, boobs Show more

TMI, boobs Show more

@coryw regular broadcasters, if you care about network TV

most people who stay 'this but unironically' are still being ironic. kinda ironic if you think about it.

@bhtooefr make a nanoSIM sized modem slot 🤔

this isn't some kind of metaphor; god damn, this is real!

@SarcasmKid @dog BEN SHAPIRO destroys MY ASSHOLE with FACTS and LOGIC