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Eight Track Playing, Real Loud @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

on the display, I see

POP    69

"containerization" as something that "saves time" is the biggest bullshit of the decade

holy crap if you've seen all the time i've wasted in trying to get containers to fucking do their job or get docker to actually run properly

the only MARRIED news team in the tri-county area

@dr1ft that's when you just chug it so you don't need it anymore

@rysiek @bobstechsite @samis people mirroring ftp sites are the cheapest form of backup!

@ehashman but apparently you STILL can't get donair in NYC!

@feld "but we provide a perfectly good* docker container!"

* 20 unpatched CVEs, probably

@Elizafox BradBlock, blocks posts from people named Brad

@halcy sublime and some other editors have Ctrl+Shift+P bound to menu search

unity had menu search, lost in the gnome 3 transition BUT github.com/p-e-w/plotinus