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Eight Track Playing, Real Loud @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

this would be an awfully expensive way to run BASIC in the 80s

this is my friend's old AS/400's (named ARNOLD) login screen: (it's a QDSIGNON)

never seen EBCDIC art before, eh?

twin peaks s3 spoilers Show more


Welcome to my status!

This status is currently under construction. I hope to have a funny or profound one when it's up.

Source for under construction images: cs.utah.edu/~gk/atwork/

@kaniini what's your stance on these two Swans albums

since @djsundog is posting about hypertext again, the i help system is hypertext on a 5250 green screen

I guess this is why no one can package webshit, too bad this instance is now a victim

(any FreeBSD users brave enough to step in?)


(imagine if vi had interactive help that useful!)

DSPF STMF('/QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/SC1/OpenSSH/etc/sshd_config')

Did you know that 40% of Canadians are related to this man?

Another day, another PocketToot: github.com/NattyNarwhal/Pocket

new features! as always, show me pics of your decrepit old PDA/smartphone running it and I'll boost