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Creamed Corn Magician

let us never speak of desktop customization in 2003 again

what the fuck. not only does X11 forwarding over SSH work out of the box on VMS, so does filesystem network transparency (to access the groupware partyzone; this X11 client is running on an Alpha, but the Notes/A1 stuff is running on a VAX)

NFS is a sham


more ALL-IN-1 stuff

I've yet to the scratch the surface, with stuff like DEC Notes (which has an X11 version, and would make great BBS material) and WPS (a port of DEC's word processing from the PDP-8)

also cool: VT100 fullwidth, enterprise ASCII art, menus

ALL-IN-1, for maximum overbusiness on your DEC VT100, courtesy of @techfury

it's cool to see all this wacky stuff, but its conventions are.... weird. "GOLD KEY" is PF0/Num Lock. you kinda see why people wanted pull-down menus

cc @coryw

hell fuckin yes at that Pulse screen

had to reboot with failsafe video (haiku doesn't like my OG GeForce DDR) but we're getting somewhere!

after much hassle (turns out that my P2 wasnt booting due to a case fan? disconnected it and we have a weaksauce 5V rail, but it boots) haiku is attempting IPL

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I see they've installed your heart plug already....

anyone able to identify this song?