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german engineering does NOT translate to UX design

for all the sins of modern UX design, it doesn't get this bad

(aka: StarOffice 5.2 on Solaris 2.6. cc @techfury )

ahhh yes, communion wafers at the church of lithium-ion, where the favourite verse is CR 20:32

sometimes you wonder if those people with insane mini-itx casemods still have the machines

ahhhh, who remembers what pleroma-fe looked like back in 2008? good times, too bad they changed the layout so it sucks now

boop the snoot of this greasy beast

the cursed way to start your new year

parts you missed: VIOS shenanigans, tunneling a LAN console over, installing SLIC, rebalancing the storage pool

no bamboozle i got out VC++ 1

yeah, you know the solitaire cards falling, but have you ever won FreeCell?

My buddy's AS/400 9406-170, running OS/400 V4R4, and in particular, OfficeVision/400, IBM's office automation software for their line of minicomputers - it's a bit nicer than ALL-IN-1, if you remember that!

More pics on real HW:

cc @coryw @techfury

let us never speak of desktop customization in 2003 again

this post is NEVER OBSOLETE

what the fuck. not only does X11 forwarding over SSH work out of the box on VMS, so does filesystem network transparency (to access the groupware partyzone; this X11 client is running on an Alpha, but the Notes/A1 stuff is running on a VAX)

NFS is a sham