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NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM @calvin@cronk.stenoweb.net

I wrote a thing on how to set up TRON in English wiki.cmpct.info/w/ChoKanji

(SSL cert expired, I got the admin on it) cronk.stenoweb.net/media/ud_jk

when you think you're doing bad in life, just remember

I loved Michael Gira in Mulholland Drive

What button are you pressing?

Green: Revolver, In an Aeroplane over the Sea, Illmatic, Spiderland, Endtroducing, Selected Ambient Works, Soundtracks for the Blind, Pink Moon, Kind of Blue, Homogenic, Tago Mago, OK Computer

Red: 36 Chambers, Loveless, Pet Sounds, Lift Your Skinny Hands, Since I Left You, Music Has the Right to Children, Funeral, Bob Dylan, A Love Supreme, Kid A, Hounds of Love, Faust

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the best unix shell isn't zsh or bash or fish, it's...