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I'm "learn about music from the New York Times" years old.

(I have heard maybe a quarter of these songs, but I've heard of probably a third 40% of these artists.)

Here are the songs in case you're too lazy to scroll.

‘Bodak Yellow’
‘Chained to the Rhythm’
‘Fee Fi’
‘Warm Honey’
‘Drew Barrymore’
‘Mans Not Hot’
‘If We Were Vampires’
‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’
‘It’s Everyday Bro’
‘Out of My Head’
‘Rich Ass Junkie’
‘Claws in Your Back’
‘Krippy Kush (Remix)’
‘Dum Surfer’
‘Flex Like Ouu’
‘Finesse (Remix)’
‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

@webinista Ha I need to start writing about music again. I can’t have you getting music from the NYT.

I blame myself.

@Are0h I just don't listen to music often enough any more. The only radio I have is in my car and I'm never in my car long enough to listen to it.

And I'm juuuuust enough of a cranky old luddite that I don't want to use a streaming service.

winmine.exe @calvin

@webinista @Are0h hey, you don't need to be a cranky old luddite to not use streaming! you can just be cranky instead!

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