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This is kind of stupid, but I kind of want to get an account on the instance. Not that I am particularly in favour of capitalism, or anything. It's just that the silliness of having an instance whose purpose is to promote capitalism by only allowing paid accounts sounds ridiculous and I want to promote ridiculousness.

In other words, for the lols.

@JordiGH ....there's a instance? seems to not connect for me, if it does

besides, I guess exists as the counterpoint to (which does exist)

CEO of Contoso @calvin

@JordiGH tbh, it actually seems like a decent idea for sustaining the costs of the community without something like ads, or worse, JS miners. other instances have patronage or donations it's just on this instance, it's mandatory, albeit one-time. there might be some other cultural expectations here in play (i.e: paying customers have expectations that someone getting something for free doesn't)

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@calvin It also has, like, 5 users compared to the hundreds on