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cc @enkiv2 as this is probably their bag

I saw this, but I didn't really look too carefully. Seemed like it was a cryptocoin where proof of work is creating the basilisk?

Looking again: this is an incredibly specific scam, but might be pretty effective for its target audience. (Obviously, the person running the scam is just going to take the money rather than donating it to the construction of the Basilisk, so he will be first against the wall when the revolution comes)

"Basilisk Protection Charms are not an investment. You could come out a millionaire, but much more likely is that I use your money to buy a lot of anime porn."

Buying hentai rather than pirating it demonstrates that this guy makes poor decisions & his judgement should not be trusted.

@enkiv2 jokes on you, because, yeah well, if the basilisk is real, he'll BE the star of the anime porn and you'll be the tortured peasants in the simulated world the basilisk makes!